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 "The greatness of the artist lies in the integral
  development of his talent."
Oscar David Barahona

         Óscar Barahona is a conductor, violinist and accompanist pianist born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on June 25, 1984. He started his musical career at the age of six in the piano chair of the School of Musical Application, where he graduated in 1996 with honors. At the age of 12 he is accepted into the Victoriano López Music School, where he takes the violin as main instrument becoming in three years the youngest concertmaster of the institution's advanced orchestra. His piano teachers were Sergio Suazo Lang (Honduras) and Amalia Marín (Cuba) with whom he studied accompaniment, in the violin chair he studied with Rubén Moncada (Chile) and Maestro José Iglesias Carnot (Cuba) with whom, apart from violin, studied orchestral conduction.

Óscar's versatility, energy and musical maturity led him to be considered one of the best piano accompanist of Latin America, as said by the famous bassist Claus Stoll “Óscar is one of the best pianists I've worked with, his sensitivity and sound quality have no comparison, he is the pianist of the bassists.” His level of leadership and devotion to study allowed him to win the post of concertmaster of the San Pedro Sula Chamber Orchestra, which was considered during that time as the best chamber orchestra in Central America, appearing on international tours and participating as soloist on numerous occasions. Óscar was the main violin of the Quintet of the Chamber Orchestra of San Pedro Sula, with which he offered tours in Central America, achieving in his tour of Guatemala the appointment of Honorary Guest of the Benedictine Clergy, thanks to the educational work within the Abbey of the Black Christ of Esquipulas, the second most important religious center of the American continent.


Between 2007 and 2011 he founded the choirs of the Ovidio Decroly School, developing one of the best choral systems of the country. His works cover the symphonic, chamber, solo, operatic, choral and accompaniment generes. In 2008 he began his career as conductor, taking the baton of the Symphonic Choir and the Symphony Orchestra of San Pedro Sula, he was also the youngest director to be invited to direct the Philharmonic Orchestra of Honduras and the National Symphony Orchestra of Guatemala. 

In 2018 he became the first Central American to conducting at the National Auditorium in Madrid, accompanying Russian Armenian violinist Elena Mikhailova.

Barahona has been part of Orchestras throughout Central America and has performed on stages in the United States and Europe, in July 2018 he receives the invitation to conduct the Trouville Sur Mer Music Festival Orchestra, (France) presenting two concerts at the closing ceremony of the festival.

With the deep desire to provide your city with a world-class event, in May 2016, The SAN PEDRO SULA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL was founded, which in its first edition was attended by the Isar Quartet, formed by members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and a large number of international artists, unifying the music in the country and presenting four concerts in a week, gathering an audience of ten thousand people, a historical record for a classical music event in the country. The INMUFEST for 2017 becomes the most important Music Festival in Central America by giving seven concerts in a week, working in collaboration with members of the Munich Philharmonic, and the Radio Orchestra of Munich.

Subsequently, in January 2017, he founded the Philharmonic Orchestra of San Pedro Sula with which he had a brilliant year, receiving high-level interpretive soloists, such as the Tenor Mario Chang, the French virtuoso Marie Papadopoulos, the cellist Alexandre Vay and the violinist Elena Mikhailova.

Nowadays Óscar is considered the main cultural promoter of his city, in 2012 founds the Academy De Cámara (Barahona Music Studio) and creates the scholarship program that helps children and young people of limited economic resources, being his main idea that these children can form a musical career that allows them to get out of intellectual and economic poverty.


Barahona receives the prestigious TOYP award, given by the Junior International Chamber, as one of the ten most influential young people in the country.​


Óscar wons the first place at the Conductor's Competition In the Balkans in front of  Serbia's Belgrade Symphonic Orchestra. In 2019 is recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the most creative people in Centralamerica and the Caribbean.